Public event
AMOK Seminar #1: Looking through composition
Sat 2/10 - 19:00-22:00

The first in a series of AMOK Seminars on artistic and cultural subjects.

Four local artists talk openly about their thoughts and experiences on composing in their respective media:

19:00 Kasper Lauritzen on poetry
19:30 Jonas Stampe on music
20:00 Small break
20:15 Andreja Andrić on sound
20:45 Mariana Gil on photography
21:15 Small break
21:30 Open discussion

Kasper Lauritzen

All words consist of a semantic, a visual and an auditive component. In my talk I will present how I have composed poetry that weave and explore conflicts between these elements, and ask how this principle of construction would extend from a verse through a poem to an entire book.


Jonas Stampe

I will demonstrate one of my later compositions and how it’s made. It is based on ten years of experience with Indonesian Gamelan Music, and also includes a critique of Steve Reich´s concept of phasing.


Andreja Andrić

I will talk about natural cycles, chance and automatic writing / scribbling as sources of inspiration for my music works. I will try to find out what connects them and why I keep returning to them.


Mariana Gil

I will talk about how we perceive images and how our attention works. I am interested in which elements in a composition are processed automatically and how previous knowledge and experiences can change what we see. I will use examples from eye tracking experiments and talk about how this research has influenced my work.