Public event
24 Hour VHS Manufacturing Marathon 2022
Fri 19/8 - 12:00 to Sat 20/8 - 12:30
Before Archive 81 was restored and Stranger Thing was a thing, there was VHS-FABRIKKEN!

For the 5th year in a row, we invite all tape enthusiasts, cyberpunks and AV-workers to join our "24 Hour Non-Stop Video Manufacturing Marathon" in our studio space A:M:O:K on Friday the 19th to Saturday 20th of August 2022.

In July 2016, the last company in the world, Funai, ceased the production of VHS equipment. Making the widespread casette format irrevocably obsolete, the VHS is now freed from the hands of the media industry, and a video ecological crisis has emerged where we must re-use casettes and repair machines, until the last magnetic tape wears out.
In the light of this de-commercialization, VHS-FABRIKKEN emerged to fight for video's future and to reclaim the VHS format as the avantgarde. Reviving the industrial factory setup of assembly lines and enforced push manufacturing, our goals are the total monopoly of analog video equipment, complete re-recording of all VHS-tapes in the world, and full exploitation of the world population as our AV-workers.

Friday at 12.00 (noon), we press REC on our VCR and we will record non-stop until six E240 VHS-tapes have been overwritten and re-recorded (approx. 24 hours later).
In this time span, everyone and everything that happens end up on tape. As participants work and eat, talk and perform, drink and explore, shit and sleep, the 6 tapes will make an direct electromagnetic imprint of the life lived at the factory.
For the marathon VHS-FABRIKKEN installs equipment such as pattern generators, oscilloscopes, video mixers, cameras and computer, and we also encourage participants to bring their own works and tools, whether it's sound, video, poetry, computer graphics, performances, dance or something else. You can plug-in to the main circuit through RCA (composite PAL), VGA, HDMI, jack (6.5mm) and mini-jack (3.5mm) as well as record through camera and microphone.
The final product will be 6 tapes of approx. 4 hours length each that will be part of VHS-fabrikken's archive, and be licensed as public domain, so that other projects can re-use our material. To the extent possible, the tapes will also be converted to digital format and released through

The location is VHS-fabrikken's studio space in A:M:O:K, Rosenkrantzgade 1b, 8000 Aarhus C.
You can come and go as you please, bring your own food and drink, participate or perform for the tapes, and even bring a sleeping bag if you want to stay overnight.
The marathon is free, and we encourage participants to come and go throughout the entire working period.