Public event
AMOK Salon #8
Fri 26/5 - 19:00-21:30

AMOK Salon is back. New date is Friday the 26th of May

Drop by to a talk, a workshop or an experiment, and ascend with us in the nice salon atmosphere.


  • Esben: "Idéen om Den Lidende Kunstner, som oplægsholder og empirisk grundlag"
  • Kasper: "Being Digital 101 - 2"

Write to Kasper (kzxpr AT pm DOT me), if you want to present something.

@kzxpr @amoksalon8

He talks about some important artists I chose to leave out and mentions, but leaves out, ones I talked about. (tho tbh I only briefly mentioned Machine Girl and S̶e̶w̶e̶r̶s̶l̶v̶t̶).

Had a fun night at @amoksalon8 with @glaspest talking about (whilst also explaining a !), and then helping people to build a

Here are some logic gates, if you want to be at home! :space_invader:

See you in June for more events at @amok !