Issue #1 (september 2021)

Published: 14/9 2021

Welcome to the 1st issue of AMOK News!

It has been a great reopening after the pandemic for us, including events such as VHS-fabrikkens 4th issue of "24 hour Video Manufacturing Marathon", the first "AMOK Læsninger" and a screening of Josefine Bondes film "Dommerens Arv".

FukBoi was at an Alternative Fashion Show: "Det var Alternativ fashion show som blev interviewet og meget af vores fremvist. Sol Silke i flot design."

We have a lot of great events coming up these next few weeks. You can read about them below.

Hope to see all of you IRL.

Fri 17/9 20.00-22.00: Making Aarhus Elendig Again

On the 17th of September, Jysk Elendighed presents a concert featuring: DEMERSAL from Odense/KBH, OMSORG from Aalborg and FRAGILE MASCULINTY from Aarhus/Fredericia.

DEMERSAL (Blackened hardcore/screamo)

OMSORG (Post-hardcore)

FRAGILE MASCULINTY (Powerviolence/hardcore)
Brand new, no releases yet.

Entre: 20 kroner

Sat 25/9 14.00 to Sun 26/9 16.00: Making A Big Zine (collective collage & cut-upworkshop)

We will make a zine together.

There will be a short introduction to cut-up methods, some collage artists and the fanzine culture and format.

Then we will create personal works of image and/or text and gather them all into a nice zine.

We will also be making one big collective collage.

Then, somehow, at some point, we are gonna sieze the means of production/borrow a photocopyer and print the zine.

If all goes well then there might be a release-fest coming up later on.

Sat 2/10, 19.00-22.00: AMOK Seminar #1 - LOOKING THROUGHCOMPOSITION

Four local artists talk openly about their thoughts and experiences on composing in their respective media:

19:00 Kasper Lauritzen on poetry
19:30 Jonas Stampe on music
20:00 Small break
20:15 Andreja Andrić on sound
20:45 Mariana Gil on photography
21:15 Small break
21:30 Open discussion

September's featured trash

Flower on the floor